Home Staging

Why stage your home?
For most buyers, seeing an empty house makes it difficult to visualize its full potential. Staging gives your home a life, character, and a model-quality that will set it apart. With high-end furnishings, rich rugs, and the perfect accent pieces, staging your home will entice your buyer from the moment they walk in.

What does colors provide?
When we stage a home, we pride ourselves in being able to offer everything our client needs. This includes:

  • Design + consultation

  • Delivery

  • Installation

  • Furniture Rental

We also cater to those clients which want to stage only a small portion of their home, or even a single room. With great attention to detail, our team will make sure a client’s home is presented at its best.

What is the time and expense involved?
Cost and time varies greatly depending on the project. Main contributing factors are:

  • Size

  • Location

  • Furnishing needs

To get an estimate, please call the showroom. If it is deciding to move forward with staging, a timeline will be created with one of our designers and the process can begin!



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