Colors Design specializes in providing thoughtful, provocative design solutions with luxurious results. Our mission is to create unique, stunning living environments to fit each individual client's needs. Emphasis is placed on providing functional and exquisite interiors that fuse classic design principles with an eclectic blend of modern and rustic furnishings. Comfort and function are essential, with practical details carefully observed and implemented. Each project is a true collaboration between designer and client, with the client's vision and budget firmly in mind.

The first step in bringing your vision to fruition is to schedule a design consultation. Together we'll determine the scope of your project: establishing a time frame for completion and setting a realistic budget for achieving the desired results.

As design professionals, we are thoroughly trained in how the basic elements of design such as color, scale and texture translate into an expression of you.

Through comprehensive dialogue and examination of visual imagery we will develop the concept, ultimately reflecting your individual point-of-view and distinct sense of style.